This product is beautifully designed with a slant of color and all the right angles of design and functionality. It has a customized head with a rubberized seal and non-slip rubber-coated body.

  •   Rubber coating provides extra grip - wet or dry
  •   Available in a variety of colors to accent any kitchen, space or ingredient
  •   Great for home, restaurants, ice cream shops, coffee shops, bars, and bakeries
  •   Two-Year Warranty

Whip It .5 Cream Dispenser

Flavor Unit Price Qty
Red / Pro
Black / Pro
Green / Pro
Black / SV Plus
White / SV Plus
Green / SV Plus
Silver / SV Plus
Red / SV Pro
Black / SV Pro
Blue / SV Pro
White / SV Pro
Green / SV Pro
Pink / SV Pro
Price: $0.00
Total Quantity: units

This product is only available in these states

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