American Weigh Scales can supply digital scales to fit any weighing application, including custom digital scale applications of any kind. We have floor scales, counting scales, gram scales, mini scales, micro, food, kitchen scales, diet, bathroom scales, pocket digital scales, weight, portable scales, electronic scales, lab, analytical, crane scales, precision scales, carat, jewelry, body fat, talking scales, gem, wholesale scales, baby scales, pet, medical scales, bench scales, specialty scales, shipping scales, postal scales, freight scales, pallet, postage scales, ohaus scales, Tanita Scales, Salter, Ashiba, vector scales, and Gram Precision scales to fit all your needs.

Flavor Unit Price Qty
AWS Blade 650
AWS CD 500 (0.01g)
AWS PV650 - (0.1G)
AWS-1KG (0.1G)
AWS-600 (0.1G)
DG Weight 0.01g
DIA Special 0.001g
DZ3 - 100 (0.01g)
DZ3 - 750 (0.1g)
DZ5-120 - 0.01G
MX Chrome Supreme DUO 0.01G
Price: $0.00
Total Quantity: units

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