All of the great flavors that you expect from Sadboy E-Liquids with an even smoother draw!  Currently available in 28mgand 48mg strength nicotine and 23 different flavors!

Sadboy E-Liquid SL Salt

Flavor Unit Price Qty
28mg / Berry Nola
48mg / Berry Nola
28mg / Butter Cookie
48mg / Butter Cookie
28mg / Custard Cookie
48mg / Custard Cookie
28mg / Keylime Cookie
48mg / Keylime Cookie
28mg / Punch Berry Ice
48mg / Punch Berry Ice
28mg / Punch Berry
48mg / Punch Berry
28mg / Rainbow Blood
48mg / Rainbow Blood
28mg / Rainbow Blood Ice
48mg / Rainbow Blood Ice
28mg / Shamrock Cookie
48mg / Shamrock Cookie
28mg / Strawberry Jam Cookie
48mg / Strawberry Jam Cookie
28mg / Unicorn Tears
48mg / Unicorn Tears
28mg / Straw Nola
48mg / Straw Nola
28mg / Mango Blood
48mg / Mango Blood
48mg / Mango Ice
28mg / Strawberry Blood
48mg / Strawberry Blood
28mg / Strawberry Ice
48mg / Strawberry Ice
28mg / Blueberry Jam Cookie
48mg / Blueberry Jam Cookie
28mg / Blueberry Cookie
48mg / Blueberry Cookie
28mg / Happy End Pink
48mg / Happy End Pink
28mg / Lemon Jam Cookie
48mg / Lemon Jam Cookie
28mg / Lychee Cookie
28mg / Happy End Blue
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