Responsibly harvested bamboo and edged in natural acacia gum for easy rolling, these vegan papers are unbleached and free of dyes. Ultra-thin, OCB Bamboo papers create a burn that is as smooth as it is slow, elevating your smoking experience

OCB Papers - Bamboo

Flavor Unit Price Qty
Bamboo 1 1/4 W/Tips
Bamboo 1 1/4 24ct Box
Bamboo Cone 1 1/4 6ct
Bamboo Cone King 3ct
Bamboo Roller 79mm
Bamboo Slim w/ Tips
Bamboo Slim
Bamboo Small Cone 78mm 8pk 24ct Box
Bamboo Cone 1 1/4 Mini Tower 50ct
Bamboo Cone 1 1/4 Mini Tower 75ct
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Total Quantity: units

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