Zero Tobacco.   Pure Nicotine Satisfaction.  Unlike the majority of other nicotine pouch products, which contain some form of generic tobacco-derived nicotine, NIIN Zero Tobacco Primed Pouches are made with synthetic TFN nicotine.  As such, NIIN Pouches offer pure nicotine satisfaction without any tobacco-derived components.

Niin Tobacco

Flavor Unit Price Qty
Cinnamon / 3 mg
Cinnamon / 6 mg
Citrus / 3 mg
Citrus / 6 mg
Cool Mint / 3 mg
Cool Mint / 6 mg
Spearmint / 3 mg
Spearmint / 6 mg
Wintergreen / 3 mg
Wintergreen / 6 mg
Price: $0.00
Total Quantity: units

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