Mangerine Guava Salt by Ice Monster Salt 30ml is an exotic fruity fusion that will leave you with a truly exhilarating flavor after each puff. This refreshing guava and tangerine vape juice flavor will make you feel like you are on a cruise in the Caribbean. Menthol fanatics might want to take a seat with the news we are about to share. This boozy flavor has a menthol vape juice base that will leave you with that arousing chilling ending you've been seeking. 

Ice Monster Salts E-Liquid

Flavor Unit Price Qty
Mangerine Guava / 24mg
Mangerine Guava / 48mg
Melon Colada / 24mg
Melon Colada / 48mg
Strawmelon Apple / 24mg
Strawmelon Apple / 48mg
Price: $0.00
Total Quantity: units

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