5ct box
  • Animal Mints – Indica
  • Banana Rosin – Sativa
  • Cherry Crumble – Hybrid
  • Pink RNTZ – Indica
  • Sour Apple – Sativa

Cake Delta 10 Vapes are for users looking for a true sativa-like effect. Unlike products that contain only Delta 8 (which is naturally more Indica like), D10 has been known to increase creativity, happiness, energy, and focus. With a lower psychotropic effect than D9, Delta 10 will take the edge off without dominating your day.

Cake Delta 10 Live Resin 1.5g Disposable

Flavor Unit Price Qty
Guava Lemon Resin
Swiss Meringue
Animal Mints
Price: $0.00
Total Quantity: units
Note: 1 Box = 5 units

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