Bad Salt E-Liquid

Bad Drip Flavors: Farley's Gnarly Sauce
Bad Salts Nic Amount: 25 mg
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DON'T CARE BEAR BAD SALT - GreaT GOoey gLObs OF GLUEY, gloppY, GUMMY GUTS, mutilatED meloN Meat, pulverizeD, pUked, PEAR and PEACH…

CEREAL TRIP BAD SALT - CoNceiveD frOm the TEar dROps of crying CLoWNs is your Daddy’s faVOriTE FRUiT CEREAL, sLaThered on tOp of a gOoey fRosted DONUT, drowning iN a suGar-riCh MiLK baTH.

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