Enjoy the crisp, refreshing flavor of mint with a fresh finish.

This award-winning flavor is a blast of Blue Raspberry. Mildly sweet, mellow, with light creamy undertones.

A Tradition menthol flavor with a Fresh finish.

Air Factory Salts

Flavor Unit Price Qty
Berry Rush / 18mg
Berry Rush / 36mg
Blue Razz / 18mg
Blue Razz / 36mg
Blue Razz Ice / 18mg
Blue Razz Ice / 36mg
Mango / 18mg
Mango / 36mg
Mango Ice / 18mg
Mango Ice / 36mg
Melon Lush / 18mg
Melon Lush / 36mg
Melon Lush Ice / 36mg
Melon Lush Ice / 18mg
Menthol / 18mg
Menthol / 36mg
Mint / 18mg
Mix Berry / 18mg
Mix Berry / 36mg
Strawberry Kiwi / 18mg
Strawberry Kiwi / 36mg
Tropic Freeze / 36mg
Price: $0.00
Total Quantity: units

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