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Mr. Fog MAX

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Founded in 2018, Mr. Fog specializes in e-cigarette products that deliver outstanding quality and innovation.

With a focus on research and development to craft unique e-liquid blends and advance technologies to meet consumer needs, Mr. Fog has grown to encompass a global market and become one of the most popular e-cigarette brands in the world.

The company’s commitment to a “quality first, customer first” mentality perfectly aligns with our mission at E-Town Wholesale — to provide outstanding products and customer care at competitive wholesale pricing. For this reason, we’re pleased to serve as an authorized Mr. Fog distributor, offering a range of their most popular products.


With 3.5-milliliter e-liquid capacity, this attractive and convenient disposable vape product offers up to 1,000 puffs, depending on consumption habits.
Small, sleek products and packaging are not only easy and discreet for consumers to carry, but they won’t take up a lot of space on store shelves, ensuring plenty of room for an expansive product selection.

This e-cigarette features 5% synthetic nicotine and comes in over a dozen popular flavors to suit a range of personal tastes. These Mr. Fog disposables come in individual packaging, sold in a 10-count box for wholesale purchasing.

Max Pro Flow

The Max Pro Flow line delivers double the puffs of MAX, with a 7-milliliter e-liquid capacity that offers up to 2,000 puffs, depending on consumer usage. Mesh coil technology ensures intense flavors consumers will love, while adjustable airflow allows every user to tailor consumption to their personal preferences.

With 5% synthetic nicotine and over a dozen flavors to choose from, there are plenty of options to suit your customers, and an integrated 1100mAh battery offers lasting performance. At about 4.5 inches long, this Mr. Fog vape product is still fairly compact, and individually-packaged products are available in 10-count boxes.

MAX AIR 3000 Puffs

Consumers looking for Mr. Fog disposables designed for extended use are sure to appreciate the longevity of this product, featuring an 8-milliliter capacity that delivers up to 3,000 puffs.

With advanced mesh coil technology, a food-grade mouthpiece, and 1100mAh battery capacity, this product will see consumers through day and night with outstanding flavor and adjustable airflow for optimal vapor.

This product features 5% synthetic nicotine and is available in 28 delectable flavors to ensure options for every palate. Individually-packaged products are available in 10-count boxes. At just over 4 inches long, these vape products are still easy to fit in pockets or purses, and they take up minimal display space.

Availability in Your State

Although tobacco and nicotine products are legal throughout the U.S., each state has its own rules and regulations. Vapes and e-cigarettes are a relatively new addition to the tobacco marketplace, and some states are still determining controls surrounding sales.

As a result, not all Mr. Fog vape products are available in every state. It’s always best to understand the laws of your state before purchasing. At E-Town Wholesale, we always strive to provide the greatest convenience for our clients, which is why our online product pages include information on availability by state.

Stock Up and Save

Whether you’re ordering a variety of products from Mr. Fog wholesale or you want to stock up on the many vape brands and smoke accessories your customers are clamoring for, you’ll find everything you need at competitive prices when you order from E-Town Wholesale.

What other types of products can you add when you want to buy in bulk and expand your inventory?

Other Vape Products

E-Town Wholesale isn’t just your trusted Mr. Fog distributor; we also offer a range of popular vape products to expand your inventory and appeal to new and old customers alike.

You naturally want to offer various products to suit every need, and we have the brands, flavors, features, and gear that ensure every customer can find what they love. You can order from our expansive inventory of disposables, e-juice, and e-liquid salts, as well as a range of equipment like coils, tanks, mods, kits, vaporizers, and more.

Hemp Products

Plenty of customers are interested in enjoying the benefits of cannabis without the intense, psychoactive effects of Delta-9 THC. Others may live in states where medical or recreational cannabis is not yet legal.

Following the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, the market for newly legalized hemp cannabis and hemp-derived products flourished, and E-Town Wholesale is pleased to offer a variety of desirable options for vape stores, head shops, and other retailers.

Choose from Delta-8, HHC, and more to stock your shelves and meet consumer demand.


Kratom has grown in popularity in the U.S. over the last several years as an all-natural option for those looking for relief and relaxation, or alternately, a way to uplift mood, ease stress, and enjoy gentle invigoration.

With a range of strains in white, green, and red leaf varieties, E-Town Wholesale has bulk kratom options to satisfy you and your customers. Choose from capsules, powder, shots, and more from the most popular brands.

Smoke Accessories and More

Rounding out your inventory is easy and affordable when you shop with E-Town Wholesale, where you’ll find smoke accessories like tobacco papers, glassware, scales, and so on.

We also offer incense, energy supplements, and snacks, so you have everything you need to create diverse product displays throughout your retail location and ensure customers always have a positive experience with your brand.

Why Choose E-Town Wholesale as Your Mr. Fog Distributor

If you want to add popular Mr. Fog vape products to your inventory, we have a range of attractive options to explore. With a variety of product volumes and flavors to round out your order, complete with wholesale pricing for bulk purchases, you can maintain your stock of customer faves and save on every purchase.

Our goal is to create an affordable, streamlined experience that makes your life easier and ensures your operations run smoothly. With wholesale pricing, an expansive range of premium products, and outstanding customer service, we go the extra mile for every client.

Attractive Wholesale Pricing

At E-Town Wholesale, we understand the supply challenges retailers face when paying for products up front and then recouping costs through resale. We know you must think about your cash flow and bottom line with every purchase.

This is why we offer wholesale pricing on the popular brands and diverse products your customers crave. Before you order piecemeal from dozens of suppliers, paying top dollar in the process, check out our pricing for vapes, hemp products, kratom, and more. You might be surprised by how much you can save when ordering Mr. Fog wholesale.

Everything You Need in One Place

Whether you’re trying to get new shoppers in the door or keep your long-time patrons happy, the last thing you want is to disappoint customers by turning them away. E-Town Wholesale has the ideal solution with an incredible selection of wholesale products that help you keep your inventory full.

We’ve gone out of our way to find the best brands and products, so you can get everything your customers want in one place. When you order Mr. Fog disposables, you can add other vape products, hemp, kratom, and more to enhance your inventory and meet customer expectations.

Exceptional Customer Care

We’ve learned that your success is our success, which means we have a vested interest in helping your business thrive. In addition to premium products and competitive wholesale pricing, you’ll always enjoy personalized customer service that exceeds your expectations.

Are you ready to place your order for Mr. Fog wholesale and find out how E-Town Wholesale can serve you? Contact us today to learn more.

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